Khagga Venkat Rao

- Chairman & Managing Trustee

Development by dint of insightful learning and discernible wisdom

Having an experience of more than a decade in social sector it was illustrated that there is transformational change in the societies and operational areas which I strongly believe that the carried activities will define the futuristic direction in the development indices in the country.

The trust mainly implements its activities by the focusing on the core values at the grass root levels. This year I took initial steps to transform Arunodaya Trust into a hub of Knowledge and centre for learning Organization by promoting a culture of edification within the organization. These in essence meant re-aligning ourselves to be more pondered and Methodist about our work, and constantly evaluate self to improve the work I am doing.

Closely linked to my ambition of becoming hub of Knowledge and center for learning Organization is my continuous effort to improve programming capacities so that I am able to make lasting impact in the lives of the poorest and most marginalized communities, especially women and girls. To this end I have adopted the Strategic Programming Framework to contextualize current realities for responding with help of impactful and innovative strategies. I have also started working towards bridging unequal power relations by implementing Gender Transformative framework in the programmers at the grassroots.

Through the use of innovative approaches and hard work, I am proud to report that in this fiscal year I am able to reach more than 1 million people across programmers and projects in South India. It is possible because of the support of Public and Government, Partners, donors and corporate sectors. I take this opportunity to thank all for supporting the trust.

In the coming years all the teams and I work to further increase the service reach and impact, and deepen the efforts in becoming an organization that builds on its learning’s, and shares them widely to promote action for the empowerment of marginalized especially women and girls from Below Poverty Line communities. With stronger partnerships and your support, I am sure we will continue to move towards achieving our mission of alleviating poverty and social exclusion.


- An Indian organization with a global footprint

We significantly expanded our Board and included many individuals who have the ability to further broaden the perspectives and skills of our existing members.

Gerard Kumar worked with the Educational Department for Different Private Colleges and Schools as a Principal and Faculty for many years. After his work with Educational Domain, he started being an active partner working with an NGO called Society of Jesus Mary and Joseph for promoting Education, Health Care, Empowerment, and Social Works in rural and urban areas. At present, he is a well-known social worker in Society of Jesus Mary and Joseph all over India. And has been able to transform the lives of the below poverty line people in the region of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

He has also been worked as Projects head for Skill Development domain for different central and state government projects for Society of Jesus Mary and Joseph for all branches in India .He has Founder for a Textile Unit providing employment for rural and urban area women’s by providing training with the help of skill development program support by Government.

He currently serves as Board Trustee &Treasurer on the Arunodaya Trust India Governing Board.

This year also saw the completion of EMPHASIS (Enhancing Mobile Populations’ Access to HIV and AIDS Services, Information and Support) project funded by Smile Foundation New Delhi. The project successfully implemented an integrated cross border model, a network of information that reached out to migrants across the mobility of continuum i.e. source, transit and destination; and promoted safe mobility, security and dignity through its research and intervention across specific corridors within India.

EMPHASIS had been instrumental in bringing about an acknowledgement of issues of migrants from Indian Parliamentarians and officials from Ministry of Labour. Over the five years’ time frame (2017-2020) EMPHASIS was successful in reaching out to over 50,000 migrants (and their families) in Three States reached in India. In Girls’ Education Programmed, the adoption of curriculum designed for accelerated learning by the Governments of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the programmed now reaches over 25,000 Out-of-school girls each year.

During this period we also responded effectively to the Kerala floods and Cyclone through the provision of relief to affected communities. In keeping with our approach we partnered closely with the state and national government teams in these efforts.

In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh we continue to strengthen our impact, with a reach of 1,000 individuals within the states. This achievement saw us receiving a fresh mandate from the Government of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, and our donors, to scale our programmed from Twenty districts to all over Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We will continue to secure access to quality health care services, provide innovative solutions, help implement quality services, build capacities of the health service providers, and provide technical support to the existing government health systems thus ensuring impact at scale.

We hope you will continue to support and encourage us in our efforts to empower women and girls from marginalized communities. This will bring about lasting changes in their lives, with us working jointly with local, regional and national governments, and building their capacity to function more effectively on the ground.